Lorna Simmons assisted me at a time when I could not find a way forward in my present life. By enabling me to access an immediate past life, I was able to understand the incomplete issues arising from that life, and to see clearly the tasks I have undertaken in this current life. Seeing these themes gave me an ‘eagle perspective’ on my current life. I was able to soar above what is real to me at present, to view my current life as just another of the world’s many illusions. As a result, I have a greater freedom about how I choose to live my life. I am grateful to Lorna for her professional approach, her clarity around past life regression, and her ability to assist me to find a way forward. Christine, Brisbane.

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During the past life regression session with Lorna, i was training to be a healer and i guess this just cemented some of the things i now do. By the way, i looked up the details and area where i lived in the past life on the net and they seemed very genuine. I think you are doing a great job. I still hand out Michael Newtons books all the time. I just know that your work is very useful…. Cheers, Morna, Vic.

Below is an interesting and detailed account of one of my clients LBL sessions…if your thinking of doing an LBL you need to read this…
I had three life themes that have challenged me since I was a teenager: not knowing what I wanted to do with my life; being stuck in financial survival mode; and relentless fatigue. I’ve felt unhappy and unfulfilled and incredibly blocked, and have sought answers through self help books, meditation, journaling, seeing doctors about my fatigue, and clairvoyants to give me hope that things would change – that there was something more exciting to I could look forward to than the drudgery of my day to day life. It wasn’t as though I was sitting around waiting for something to happen, though. I explored different jobs, went to University, became an advertising copywriter, and taught English overseas, yet my restless unhappiness followed me everywhere. I kept thinking, “This isn’t it – this isn’t the thing I’m meant to be doing, the thing that will bring me joy.” No job fulfilled the yearning in my heart. No choice I made eased the financial limitations I had unconsciously created. Those heavy blocks didn’t budge! How I envied a dear friend who knew what she wanted to do with her life when she was just 6 years old! Her calling was always clear; it came from within. Why didn’t I know what my calling was? Oh, the frustration of not knowing! And then of making so many choices that only added to my unhappiness.
I first heard of past life and life-between-lives regression while living in Chile. A pioneering author on the subject, Brian Weiss’, MD, is very popular over there. I read one of his books and was thrilled. Here was a chance for me to communicate with my higher self – my true self – directly, not to mention my guide, spiritual elders, and any Master I might happen to meet. This was the first time I had ever been hypnotised. Lorna began by taking me back through happy childhood memories of this life, then briefly through a past life to the moment my soul left my body at death, and then on my soul’s journey to my life-between-lives.
I saw my past life as a series of visual impressions that took me a little while to trust. I didn’t glean the incredible detail that many people do – some of Lorna’s clients have been able to find actual historical records of the life they remembered! But then I confess I was impatient to reach my life-between-lives – and, oh, what a wonderful experience. I saw and felt things in vivid detail. Such peace, love, freedom and joy… a sense of being the real me, free from my self-created dramas…all the things I’d been seeking here were there!
In soul state, I saw myself and the beings I met as shining light. I was thrilled to be accompanied by my loving guide. (It now seems silly to have searched for my guide here when we have known each other forever!) We moved into a garden where other radiant beings awaited. They encircled me and sent me healing rainbow light. We then embraced like old friends – we were old friends! And I sensed that I, too, was one who transmitted healing rainbow light. This was a role we shared. I learned my soul name – Aia. (I am Aia, I am Aia! Simply repeating this now reconnects me with the peaceful freedom of my life between lives and opens me up to receiving rainbow light.)
When I was ready, my guide accompanied me to meet the Elders – that’s the name I called them under hypnosis. Five of them stood before me in an arc, radiating gentle strength and infinite wisdom. I wasn’t afraid or awed, but both joyful and reverent in their presence. I felt their love for me. Together, we acknowledged that I had work to do to get Denise back on track.
Lorna asked me what my purpose was in this life, and my higher self responded that it was to convey new information to help co-create a peaceful, joyful world. Lorna asked why I was chosen for this role, and I replied that I had volunteered. I sensed that the information I was to convey was being transmitted on this rainbow light, and that there was a backlog waiting to be downloaded! I had the extraordinary experience of being aware of my soul / higher self there and my incarnation here. From my soul’s perspective, I saw myself, Denise, enveloped in an egg-shaped, grey cloud – a storm of self-created lack and limitation. The luminescent rainbow light being transmitted to me was deflecting right off my shell; it couldn’t get in. I was literally seeing my block! When Lorna asked me under hypnosis how I could remove this block, my higher self answered in essence, “By consciously receiving the rainbow light.”
After my hypnosis session, I remembered a vision I saw in meditation years earlier. I had seen a desk by a window, and on it were books I had written. The books were open, and from the pages rainbow light flowed out the window and into the world. Before we left to return to this life, Lorna asked me to look around me in case there was anything else I needed to know. To my surprise, I saw a gold key suspended in the air. “There’s a key – they’ve given me a key.” Lorna asked me what it was for, but I couldn’t glean the answer. So, it is to be a surprise!
The session made me powerfully aware of our capacity as human beings to be channels of light, to receive loving energy and to release it out into the world. By allowing myself to become so blocked to receiving this energy, I had also blocked my ability to share it with others. This was the reason for my fatigue, financial limitation and lack of joy in my work. Sure, I had read similar things in books, but it was my personal, graphic experience of this truth that was transformative for me. Hypnosis allowed this realisation to bypass my intellect and enter my heart.
Lorna is one of few hypnotists in Australia trained by the Michael Newton Institute. I had read Dr Newton’s books on life between lives regression, and found the author to be credible (Dr Newton holds a doctorate in Counseling Psychology and is a qualified Master Hypnotherapist). It gave me confidence knowing that Lorna had trained with the Institute. After reading through Lorna’s well written website and seeing her photo, I had a really good feeling about her. And I was right! I found her to be approachable, genuinely caring and professional – someone I could trust with the very personal information I was to share before and during hypnosis. I found Lorna to be the ideal guide for my inner journey, giving me the space to explore and intuitively asking the right questions at the right moment to elicit the information that would help me most.
After the session, Lorna took the time to discuss with me what I had experienced and how I might use it to make the changes I was seeking in my life. Her insights were very helpful and resonated with my own.
Since my session, I’ve found my shift in awareness alone has been a catalyst for change. A short reflection on peace I wrote is finding its way around the world; I finally created my website (www.startblessing.com) after thinking about it for two years; a wonderful life coach has offered to coach me; I’m becoming conscious of and releasing my entrenched patterns and dramas; I’m keeping old promises and returning to projects I’d started and not finished with a real sense of purpose. Best of all, I feel connected to my guide, my true self, and to the loving realm I entered with Lorna’s help. Each day I pause and say, “I am Aia,” and feel the rainbow light flowing through me.
I do believe this was a worthwhile experience because I am taking positive action as a result. Action is key. I feel as though I’ve had the epiphany I’d been waiting for. Lea, Gold Coast.

What bought me to do an PLR session with Lorna was my friend Lesley, she gave me a book to read years ago called “Yesterday’s Children” by Jenny Cockell. This book was just amazing, we used to discuss together how we both believe we had lived before many times. I then went on to buy and read all of Dr. Brian Weiss’s books, and confirmed what I always felt. The first time Lesley and I ever met it was like “seeing each other again”. Hard to explain, and we would and still do even finish each other’s sentences before one of us could finish it.
During the PLR Lorna guided me back in time through my childhood and into the womb of my mother just before my birth. I recovered some memories that I did not remember before the session and I have spoken to my mother since about my childhood. To my surprise she validated everything I experienced right down to which side of the yard I saw the mulberry tree, where I saw the lemon tree (which I couldn’t see if it was lemon or oranges as I felt it was both).
They had both there in the garden and one had died mum said. Also which side of the house was the copper she did the washing in when we went down the back steps. She told me she was overwhelmingly sad at living on the farm at Burleigh Heads, which I felt under hypnosis, and also she validated every part of each memory I had.
Having said that, she thinks I am nuts and doesn’t believe in life after death, but can’t explain how I knew these things, even down to the experiences I was having during my birth.
I have been doing some research on google earth since my session and I discovered the location where I lived. The place was called Lavella and is indeed a very, very old name.
I also found the village where I died: ULMICH, it is located in Austria and only very small, I would say less than 100 people. It is not far from Innsbruk which I actually visited in 2004. Also doing research back to the 1500’s, the countries of Lithuania, Czechoslovakia, Poland were all one nation then, so where trying to distinguish Poland and Czechoslovakia where I was living was difficult for me has now become so much more obvious.
I also discovered that where I was living in the forest, in the hut shaped (oval) is actually called a YURT or GER. The people were nomadic which explains why I felt we had just camped there. I couldn’t see what else was on the oval huts, beside the straw which was put over the top, but I knew there was something else there.
It is clear in my mind now that I have seen pictures of them that it was animal skins. The YURTS were made of animal hides, and straw was put over the top for extra warmth in winter.
I received a text from my son on the way home from the session which said “I don’t know what you did in hypnosis, but I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders”. He didn’t know anything about anything I had experienced because I hadn’t spoken or text him!…Thank you so much Lorna, and I am looking forward to my LBL session. Cathy, Gold Coast.

I’ve had the pleasure of undertaking both a PLR & LBL session under Lorna’s guidance and to put it quite simply, the experience has changed my life. The sessions helped me to understand and overcome certain unexplained fears that were affecting my present life experience, as well as give me an amazing insight into my life purpose and the future direction my current life may take. Lorna is an excellent clinical hypno-therapist and I highly recommend her services. It truly was a mind blowing experience that helps you to look at the ‘bigger picture. A, Brisbane.

I recently had the experience of a Life Between Life regression with Lorna Simmons. I’ve been hypnotised before, but this was by far the deepest level to which I’ve been taken, and what emerged were profound and positive insights into my most important personal issues. I also ‘saw’ clearly and concretely that I (and not only I) am capable of a profound transformation within the core of my being, right here in this life, in the midst of ordinary everyday existence. Lorna’s approach is gentle and not at all invasive, thereby faciltating insight and self-understanding: and she does this very well indeed. Laurence Browne, Brisbane.

I want to thank you Lorna for the LBL session I had with you in November 2009, It has helped me a lot. The deep grieving feeling I have had for years, which I thought came from losing my children to their father, has gone. This has allowed me to see the role I played as their mother in a more realistic way. I can see now that my fears of losing them, particularly my first born, was connected (either completely or partially) to a past life experience of having a baby die from illness, and my feelings of worthlessness and guilt associated with this. Even though the grieving has gone, the problems I have created for myself and my children because of the grieving are still there. This gives me new challenges to deal with, so I don’t feel instant relief, rather a lot more clarity about what I need to do….always learning!
At present, I don’t feel the need to fix up the past. Instead, I am coming to terms with the damage done. It is a relief to be able to accept it, rather than constantly going “back” to work out what went wrong. The benefits from the LBL session has been extremely helpful to me. Other interesting benefits have been that I am more aware of how I am influenced by what I think other people think about me. I am gradually learning to stop this way of thinking because of my new awareness, and feel more confident and stronger in my own beliefs.
I was on anti-depressants for a couple of years and am now weaning myself off them, with good results. I feel like I have more energy and feelings, but at the same time have greater control over my feelings (something I struggled with before the LBL). Alison Brown, QLD.