Past Life Regression Therapy

Reincarnation is the belief that man’s consciousness or soul, survives death and returns to be reborn into a different physical body and life in order to learn and grow. For the soul to truly evolve, it must experience many lives in various races and social classes and this in turn creates a balancing out process, which generates compassionate acceptance of all souls. The purpose of karma is not to punish each other, but to learn and give our souls the opportunity to live in harmony with each other and the universe.

A Past Life Regression is a therapeutic tool that often can uncover the source of unwanted patterns or behaviour brought into the present life.

Perhaps you have read books on Past Life Regression such as Brian Weiss, ” Many Lives, Many Master” who’s methods I use.  Or “The search for Past Lives” by Australian, Peter Ramster, “You were Born Again to be Together” by Richard Sutphen.

These books all document case studies of clients who have been regressed back through time to re-experience a past life. Many of my clients have researched their past life personalities and found them in the archives and history books.

Psychologist Peter Ramster created a television documentary in 1983 called “The Reincarnation Experiments” that took him and his client across the world where they found amazing evidence of their past lives.

Four of his clients were housewives who had never left Australia before and who, under trance, had come up with all sorts of details, and names of people and places,. They were taken to Western European countries where they said they had been living in the 18th and 19th century. Prior to their arrival, in 1983, Ramster and local historians searched archives, looking for and finding the names given in Australia. Similarly, villages and hamlets mentioned under hypnosis were found on old maps. Some of these settlements no longer existed, yet some names given turned out to be correct.

The most interesting case, is Gwen McDonald who said she was Rose Duncan in Somerset, England, at the end of the 18th century. She described various details in England that appeared correct when they were then researched, such as the location of stepping stones. Ramster writes: “Short of some other explanation to the contrary, I have personally come to believe in the truth of both life after death and reincarnation.” The investigation of the McDonald case was witnessed throughout by Dr. Basil Cottle of Bristol University. Peter Ramster’s research has almost completely been ignored by the scientific community.

Learning about your Past Lives is exciting and life changing, especially if you are able to research your past. Its a way to find out if friends, family members or lovers have shared other lifetimes with you. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe, nothing not even time or death can separate those who have formed a deep bond. Lovers from the past will reincarnate within the same time frame again and again, although they may not remember who they are when they meet they will feel the magnetic attraction.

What Happens in a PLR session?

The clinic rooms are comfortable, air conditioned with a super comfy recliner chair that helps you to feel safe and relax completely.

The session begins with deep relaxation into a hypnotic state, where your body is totally relaxed but your mind is awake and receptive. The regression then takes you back through this lifetime into childhood happy or neutral memories, into the Utero before you were born. From there its easy to take the regression further back into your soul memory and to a past life. Once in the past life we can go backward or forward like rewinding a movie, gathering information as we go, I like to get dates, places and names so my clients can do the research if they so chose.

We then move to the last days and moments of that life where you can view the life in a detached objective way. Often there is a guide or loved one waiting to assist you when you cross over. You may discover, clarify and identify any soul agreements made that no longer serve you. I use powerful Vortex energy to clear away unwanted vows, oaths, decisions or curses, and assist to retrieve your positive, creative and intuitive soul energy from past lives.

Fears, habits, phobias, wealth, and health issues can be anchored in our distant past and stored in our energy field, forming inner conflicts and health problems in this life. Once cleared any problems often disappear

If you think about it, one single lifetime is equivalent to only one scene in a play! The therapeutic goal of PLR work is to restructure understanding of our current life in the light of our extended experiences from other lifetimes. When we have only one lifetime on which to base our interpretations it is like trying to understand the theme and plot of a play when we have only one scene to go on.

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